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Mr. + Mrs. Harrison | Windber Bridal Photography

One word: FINALLY!!!!! I added my gift voucher to Emily and Mike’s wedding card in hopes of doing their one year shoot.. Only, Emily wanted to use it to trash her dress.. I’ve been looking for someone to model this for me and best of all, I got my BESTFRIEND to be the first! Thanks Emily for being a trooper.. and Mike, bow-ties are so you! :’)

windber, pa

Emily + Mike :: Married:: 6.16.12 :: Johnstown, Pa
Together :: 2 Years and 3 Months
Engaged :: 1 Year and 6 Months
Emily :: Cash Office Clerk • Hometown :: Johnstown, Pa
Emily, described in five words (according to Mike) :: Needy • Loud • Caring • Stubborn • Testy
Mike :: Second Grade Teacher • Hometown :: Dunlo, Pa
Mike, described in five words (according to Emily) :: Funny • Caring • Lovable • Stubborn • Adorable

How they met, as told by Emily :: “My mom came home from work one day telling me about a second grade teacher who was really funny and nice. She said he was complaining about how girls always dump him because he is too nice and she wanted me to meet him. I said I would. A couple of days later I went up to Ferndale Elementary School during the end of the day. My mom’s class was on the playground and so was Mike’s. My mom introduced us then.”


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