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Being the MOH in Kayt & Luke’s wedding, I obviously couldn’t do her pictures.. So I came up with an idea to do their “week after” shoot (or I guess “month after” shoot since the weather and our schedules weren’t exactly cooperating well). I am SO happy I got to shoot their pictures, again.

johnstown, pa

Kayt + Luke :: Married:: 6.30.12 :: Johnstown, Pa
Together :: 3 years
Engaged :: November 7th, 2010
Kayt :: Sales Lead at American Eagle Outfitters • Hometown :: Johnstown, PA
Kayt, described in five words (according to Luke) :: Fun • Relaxed • Beautiful • Caring • Creative

Luke :: Mechanical Engineer at HF Lenz • Hometown :: Johnstown, PA
Luke, described in five words (according to Kayt) :: Supportive • Affectionate • Industrious • Reliable • Devoted

How they met, as told by Kayt :: “It was the summer of 2009. I had recently quit my waitressing job at the Fuji Japanese Steakhouse when I just happened to run into a neighbor while walking my dogs. We chatted for a bit and I mentioned that I had been job hunting for a new summer job. She told me that The Johnstown Area Heritage Association was hiring and that I should put an application in. She spit off some names of people that I might know who work there and I specifically remember her mentioning Luke Shumaker. I nodded my head as if I knew who she was talking about. Little did I know that I had been pretending to know my future husband.  The day of my interview had arrived and I was dressed up in my interview attire; grey dress pants with a bright green blouse and black stilettos. My shoes clacked on the wooden floor as I walked into the building, only to be greeted by Mr. Lucas Shumaker. “Wow. He is REALLY cute!” I thought to myself as I blushed and made small talk with him while I waited for the manager to come interview me. During my interview, I kept glancing over at him and I noticed that he was doing the same. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it definitely wasn’t far from it. I was hired and as Luke and I began working together we instantly realized our attraction to one another. It wasn’t long before we went on our first date at English hill. English hill is a hill (obviously) out in Forest Hills and it’s a beautiful place to look at the stars. The first night I took him up there we talked for hours. I knew that he wasn’t just a typical guy. He was something special. And a year and some months later we were at that hill and he was down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of his life with him. And that’s what I intend to do.


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