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Taylor + Keith | Somerset Engagement Photographer

boswell, pa

Taylor + Keith :: Boswell, PA
Together :: 08.01.11
Engaged :: 05.09.13

Taylor :: Senior at Pitt-Johnstown • Hometown :: Thomas Mills, PA
Taylor, described in five words (according to Keith) :: fun • gorgeous • smart • friendly • Godly

Keith :: Junior at Liberty University • Hometown :: Johnstown, PA
Keith, described in five words (according to Taylor) :: hilarious • Godly • strong • handsome • respectful

How they met :: He says:  “I always thought Taylor was really pretty, and we kind of grew up together in church. Around my junior year of high school, I’d try to do stuff to show her I liked her, but it seemed like her mind was always changing about me. She was hard to get! That went on for what seemed like forever, until one day she changed her mind for good. She started pursuing me! I was about to leave for college, and Taylor’s words, “I thought we could give it a shot,” confirmed in me that our relationship was the real deal. We’ve been inseparable since!”

She says:  “We had been friends at church since I was in about seventh grade. I had a big crush on him but was too shy to say anything. When he would show interest in me, I’d panic! Teenage hormones, don’t ask. We talked off and on for a good bit until I finally realized I was in love with him and couldn’t stand to lose him. I’m pretty thrilled he felt the same way! It’s been an awesome journey with him!”


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