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johnstown, pa

Lisa + David :: married:: 06.08.13 :: Johnstown, Pa

Together :: 6 years
Engaged :: 1 year

Lisa :: Audit Specialist • Hometown :: Johnstown, PA
Lisa, described in five words (according to David) :: Creative • Whimsical • Beautiful • Expressive • Clever
David :: Journalist • Hometown :: Johnstown, PA
David, described in five words (according to Lisa) :: Admirable • Captivating • Supportive • Facetious • Kind
How they met :: : Lisa has been friends with David’s sister since high school. One day (6 years ago) David’s sister asked Lisa to join her and her family (including David) at Folk Fest. Lisa spent the afternoon with David and his sister’s family, at the end of the night David’s brother-in-law, insisted that David walk Lisa to her car. After much disagreement from David and Lisa over the necessity of David’s escorting Lisa to her car, as they could see it from where they stood, David’s brother-in-law won the battle. David and Lisa decided while walking to the car, that they should go out to eat and catch up with one another… they’ve been inseparable ever since.



hair & makeup • Billie Jo Rasmussen/ Megan Mesaros Percinsky
florist •   DIY Bride!
ceremony • Stackhouse Park

reception venue •   St. Andrews
dj • Audio Effects Entertainment

wedding decorator  • DIY by bride

cake • Paulette Seminsky

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